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Michael Servetus is a common research topic in medicine. He is credited with discovering blood circulation. He was a Spanish theologian, cartographer, renaissance humanist, and physician.

When asked to write a research paper on medicine he becomes one of the easiest topics. Information on his discoveries is easily available. However, that also becomes a challenge because a lot of writers have said what you would have to say about this great scientist. How then do you produce a captivating essay on this scientist? Here are excellent tips to consider

Read widely about Michael Servetus

The subject of discussion in your research paper on medicine in history is very specific. You are supposed to discuss a scientist named Michael Servetus and his exploits in the discovery of the blood circulation system. There is no room for a maneuver outside this topic. You must understand the topic in depth. It enables you to produce the most compelling discussion.

Extensive reading helps you to learn what other scholars have said about the scientist. It gives you new ideas to discuss in your paper beyond his discovery of blood circulation. As you will notice, everyone knows about this discovery. It does not make sense to repeat it in your paper. Look for new information that adds value to your paper.

Look for sample papers on Michael Servetus

Are you confused about what to write in the Michael Servetus paper? Samples will help you to resolve the dilemma. Get samples of Michael Servetus scientist research papers to see how the writers draft their titles, introduce the subject, and handle obvious topics. You avoid wasting time trying to figure out how to write your paper.

The samples must come from credible sources. A low-quality sample will mislead you, resulting in poor grades. Discuss the sample with your tutor to ensure that it meets the necessary standards.

Choose a unique perspective about the topic you will discuss

You can say a lot about Michael Servetus. However, everything cannot fit in your research paper. You must choose what to talk about in your paper. Avoid obvious subjects like who discovered circulation of blood since everyone can write about it. Choose new ideas that make your paper interesting to read.

Plan your paper

Organize the ideas you have gathered for use in your discussion. An outline is the best tool to use in this case. It helps you to strategically place the ideas so that your paper makes sense. An outline will also ensure that you do not repeat ideas discussed in other sections. With a dashboard view of your paper, you will produce the most compelling argument.

Hire a professional writer

Do not waste time writing the paper while you can hire a professional writer. Writing services offer experienced writers to take on any assignment. The writers understand academic writing rules and can help you to produce the most compelling arguments. Through their assistance, you can spend time on other fun activities like movies or traveling while still in college.

A proofread sample of a Michael Servetus research paper:

Michael Servetus and the Discovery of Blood Circulation

Michael Servetus is one of the best brains that lived in the renaissance era. Born in Switzerland in 1553, he excelled in four academic fields, namely theology, cartography, biology, and human sciences. It set him apart from other scientists and scholars of his time.

Michael Servetus discoveries

As a multi-talented scholar, Michael demonstrated his brilliance. One of the groundbreaking discoveries was the pulmonary circulatory system. The discovery has changed medical procedures and would later allow people to donate and receive blood.

The discovery of the circulatory system did not appear in medical books. It caused some of his discoveries to be overlooked. Religious persecution also slowed down his work because the leaders burned his work.


Michael paved way for the Europeans to advance blood handling in the human body. His work is still relevant today. It is more interesting when you combine biology and theology like Michael Servetus.

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